The Virtual Exhibition makes it possible to visit a gallery from the comfort of your own home and behaves like a real gallery, which is curated by me.

The first photographers to be exhibited are Flo Slomka, Robert Krenciszek, Christian Thiele, Fabian Reiche and Kersten Glaser. Besides other photographers and also galleries, the Virtual Exhibition will be regularly extended by new functions.

I am a photographer and not a developer. So I want to use this project to develop new skills.
The Virtual Exhibition is an interdisciplinary project that acts as a link between photography, art and video games.
The current beta version of the virtual exhibition is an application that offers more or less the generally known functions of a video game in first-person perspective. The navigation through the gallery also uses the usual controls. The W, A, S and D keys are used to move around. With the mouse or the arrow keys you get the possibility to look around. The gallery contains different rooms, which are connected by small corridors.
Via updates I have implemented interaction and readable books. In addition to that I added Fabian Reiche as another exhibitor and also installed some of my own work in the virtual space. There is also now a tutorial which makes a first orientation easier for inexperienced users.
The Virtual Exhibition is also available on Steam!
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