This project, so far titled Screenplay, explores different philosophical perspectives on capturing and presenting virtual spaces of video games in form of screenshots.

I am primarily interested in the handling with popular culture as a photographic subject, the parallels of screenshots made from video games to the photography in reality, the establishment of the screenshot as an independent art form, the comparison of screenshots made within a computer system and photographs in the form of reproductions of the monitor, as well as the final transcription of virtual spaces into reality.

This page is meant to serve as a first introduction to my project. Currently I am working on a large paper dealing with the representation of photography within video games, in-game-photography and artists worth mentioning. In addition, my exploration of this topic involves an extended philosophical reflection on various viewpoints of photography in virtual spaces.

Screenshots and In-Game Photography
Screenshots are images made directly within a computer system, as well as images of a monitor, which are made with a camera, for example. Both types are images of a screen and can be classified as screenshots.

In photographic essays is the form of photography that is created within computer systems, or without a camera and objects, for example the rendering of scenes in 3D graphics software, often called post-photography.

I will focus exclusively on the representation of video games that offer already existing space, which can be visited by anyone. This is usually called In-Game-Photography or Virtual Photography.

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